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We have formed FRIENDS OF ANATOLIA in order to contribute to peace and democracy by supporting the Turkish educational system as well as the Turkish nonprofit organizations in Turkey and in the U.S. We also aim to create a mutual understanding among people of different backgrounds by using Anatolian culture and heritage as a unifying tool.

Friends of Anatolia is not affiliated with any governmental, political or religious organization.

Transforming Friends of Anatolia


We have accomplished many projects since we have started Friends of Anatolia in 2004. As a result, our organization was named as “the Most Active Nonprofit of 2005” and our founding president, Demet Yezgi, has been selected as “the Young Nonprofit Professional of the Year 2005”.


We have run most of our – completely volunteer based operations- from our Volunteer Center in Mountain View, California. When we had to close this Center in December 2006 due to logistic problems, our Board had come to a consensus to slow down the pace and reposition the organization until we have a new center and a full-time staff. We call this as the end of Chapter 1.

Since we are committed to build a strong and influential organization, the book continues, and now we have started writing Chapter 2. To read more about and contribute to this transformation, please read our President's Letter.

Website Update in progress

We will be updating our website for the next couple of weeks. Please be patient with us.

You can help us by finding the broken links and outdated information and by informing our web admin.

Check out the photos of school renovation sites!

You can check out our Education page for latest updates and photos.

Our latest Newsletter is coming!

June 2007 Newsletter is on its way. To receive our newsletter, please sign up to our news and announcement list. Our latest Friendly News here.

Our 2006 Financial Information is Available

We have completed and submitted our 2006 taxes. You can see these financial documents online very soon.




To contribute to peace and democracy by encouraging the growth of Turkish civil society.



To strengthen community participation by supporting education, promoting volunteerism and philanthropy, and fostering cultural exchange.


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